Month: February 2020

Reflection – A Journey to Learn

In “Trust: Understanding My Why” I reveal many stories of how I translated my life experiences into long-term learning, how I used my relationships to find a better version of me, and… Read More

Translating Golf to Life

My favorite insights about life originate in my experiences with the game of golf. In “Trust: Understanding My Why” I share a fabulous conversation I had with Judy Bell, chairwoman of the… Read More

The Power of Influence

What does it mean to have influence? At its basic level, it is being able to change the trajectory of another person’s life. It is so important to recognize that influencers can… Read More

Leading is a Way of Life

In “Trust: Understanding My Why,” I make a distinction between leadership and leading. There are hundreds of educational tools available for learning skills and traits that enhance leadership execution. These can definitely… Read More